I did not grow up reading the Wall Street Journal on my dad’s lap. I entered financial services nearly 15 years ago and fell in love with empowering people to build financial confidence.

What I noticed throughout my career was that generally no one looked like me, whether on the advisor side AND the client side. Despite money being a critical part of our livelihood, we don’t learn about this stuff in school and quality advice is generally only provided to those who have already achieved financial success.

I have a strong social justice bone. I believe the system is designed to widen the wealth gap. We place the blame on the individual and not the corporations or government that support financial exclusion.

Part of my mission is to break this cycle. To guide all the Firsts and act as a catalyst for people to feel secure about their own financial success. To create generational wealth. I have a huge focus on providing education and meeting people where they are in life for no shame, no judgement financial planning that will transform your life.